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20 Ways to Save on Hotels

The days of cheap hotels are long gone, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to find something affordable, no matter where you travel. While the average price per room per night is above $130 in the U.S. today, you can still save money if you know a few tricks:

1. Buy someone else’s reservations is a place where you can buy rooms with great discounts from people who can travel and can’t cancel their reservation. This usually happens right before the trip, so be ready to go with a short notice, but you can save up to 70% this way.

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2 Look for coupons

Coupons for hotels are rare, but it can happen occasionally from third party travel sites, so always look online before booking.

3. Price matching

Hotels don’t always advertise this, but they do offer price matching if you can prove it. For example, offers price matching after booking.

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4. Consider Home Away

There are times and locations where renting somebody’s home is better than booking a hotel room. This applies to big groups, rural destinations, and beaches. Last minute bookers really have a lot of leverage for negotiation through VRBO or Home Away.

5. Warehouse club discounts

If you are a member of Costco or Sam’s Club, check them out for travel deals, especially vacation packages.

Outdoor Terrace Of Hotel, Las Vegas

6. Avoid weekends

Most hotels are cheaper midweek then during weekends, so travel Sunday-Thursday if you can. The hotel and all offered amenities will be yours with fewer tourists.

7. Inclusive deals

Many hotels slap fees on top of advertising deals, and that can be very frustrating. There shouldn’t be any extra parking, internet, cleaning, and resort fees to deal with. To avoid all that look for included breakfast, parking, and Wi-Fi fees.

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8. Pay with credit card

Many credit cards offer discounts to members at select hotels, for example MasterCard holders get 10% off select hotels when booking through, so always check if you are eligible for something like that.

9. Memberships

AAA members, military members, and senior citizens can score great discounts at many hotels, even if that is not advertised, so always ask.

Waldorf Astoria, Las Vegas

10. Discount gift cards

Check out or for discounted gift cards that people don’t need and thus offer you significant savings. Savings can reach up to 20%, but even 5% is better than nothing.

11. Use apps

Some apps like HotelTonight, aggregate high-end hotel rooms that remain unsold and offers them for a lot cheaper, something like 70% off.

Bellagio Hotel Interior, Las Vegas

12. Use your miles

Many companies will allow you to use airline miles and even redeem your rewards point for hotel stays, making them very useful.

13. Look for business hotels

These hotels won’t offer all the amenities a resort would, but you can save a lot and then spend those savings on extra activities. Those types of hotels are usually slower during summer months.

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14. Late check in

Checking in late can score you a significant upgrade because the hotel will have most of its occupants checked-in and will know the availability of nicer rooms.

15. A La Carte hotels

Those are very popular in Europe, where the rates for standard rooms are very high. A la carte traveling is great for people who are OK with minimum accommodations and really want to save. You can add what you want and exclude what you don’t want to pay for.

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16. Apart-hotel

Apart-hotels are small serviced apartments that are popular in Europe and have small kitchens. This way you can save on eating out and enjoy the same amenities as regular hotels. Such accommodations often have coupons.

17. Hotel loyalty programs

Hotels and third party travel sites have reward programs that can save you up to 15%, give free nights, or get you nice upgrades.

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18. Avoid foreign transaction fees

When booking a hotel abroad, use a credit card that has the lowest or no foreign transaction fees. Third party travel sites don’t convert your money and thus you don’t pay those fees.

19. Reciprocal deals

These deals are partnerships with separate businesses, which also offer you points. For example you can use Uber while staying at Starwood hotels and earn one Starpoint per $1 spent for future discounts.

Fountains Of Bellagio, Las Vegas

20. Use hotel credit cards

If you often stay at the same hotel chain, you can use their credit card even if it has interest rate; just make sure you pay it off at the end of each month. You can get perks and loyalty points this way that translate into savings in no time.

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Look For Coupons

Coupons for hotels are rare, but it can happen occasionally from third party travel sites, so always look online before booking. Recently I've scored 20% Off at The code was EXTRA20. Try for more deals like this.